Today we’ll bring you to an unusual place, outside the mass tourism routes: Carsulae, archaeological park in Umbria, where you’ll be able to have a picnic among roman ruins, attend to folk festivals, paint the beautiful scenery and enjoy the nature. 

Sunny days and warm air always make me think about day trips around Terni, the town where I grew up.
When I was a kid, during the Sundays of late Springtime, inhabitants of Terni were used to go up to the hills around the town to have picnics. Easter was the starter of the season on the “grasslands” (where grassland was any meadow and pasture outside town): we would leave home with a camping table, camping chairs, a few plaids and a cooler full of delicious food and we would spend the holiday day immersed in the greenery. Children would play ball, run, play tennis, while adults would bathe in the sun, chatting or napping.
After a grew up, when picnics with the family were out of the question, the tradition would go on anyway. On Sunday afternoons I and friends would go to the “grasslands” to chill, meet new people, check out if the crush of the moment was there as well, maybe speak to him.
One of those destinations for “a day on the grass” was Carsulae. Have you ever heard of “Carsulae“? No? Such a pity. [Continua a leggere]