About us

Piccolo atlante dei viaggi possibili e impossibili (Little Atlas of Possible and Impossible travels) is a project created by Irene and Francesca, long time friends; we live in two different and far away spots of Italy,  Piovene Rocchette, a small village not far from Vicenza, and Terni, an anonymous town in Umbria, near Rome. Because of this distance, we have to travel up and down the boot to meet and spend time together.
We met on the internet on 2010, then in person soon later and, in spite of the kilometres and years between us, we became friends.

This travel blog sums up all the sides of life we care about the most, along with our enthusiasm about discovering and learning new things; this is our love song for all the real and imaginary places that too often stay invisible to the eyes of the hasty tourist. inattentive passer by, the forgetful reader.
Books, movies, art, food, are part of our everyday life and they are our passions; we hope to pass them down to you thanks to the tales we and the friends we will invite to write here will tell you.
Are you ready to travel with us?

Francesca Baldassarri


I am a business coach for artisans and crafters, I lived around Italy in several big and small towns. At the moment I live in Terni, in beautiful Umbria, and I’m willing to relocate. Where? Not sure yet! I travel up and down Italy, for work and for pleasure, always in search for new places to discover and amazing people to meet. I am passionate about books and music, I often talk with my cat Assurbanipal (aka Popo) and I root for women, always. Here at Piccolo Atlante I will tell you stories about real and imaginary places to discover.

Places of the heart: my corner of Umbria, Terre di Siena, Florence, Ireland.

Where I wish to travel: Scotland, New Zealand and any place where to see Northern Lights.

Favourite means of transport: train, books.

Favourite literary places: Almayer Inn, Invisible cities (all of them), Macondo.

 Irene Renon


I am a freelance illustrator and I live in a small village in the mountains near Vicenza, in Veneto region. I like to live nearby the woods because I can go there for long walks and, if I am lucky, to meet lovely animals.
I studied Conservation of cultural heritage but my true passion is illustration. Here at Piccolo Atlante I write travel postcard and draw maps. I like those who speak their minds, the flowery long skirts and gelato with whipped cream.

Places of the heart: Olimpico theatre in Vicenza, Galizia, my mountains (yes, just like Heidi).

Where I wish to travel: Malesia, to Japan during the blossom season and anywhere where I can watch the Ocean.

Favourite means of transport: by feet when it is sunny, by train when it’s not.

Favourite literary places: Hogsmeade, Emerald City, the Other Flat.

Francesca Baldassarri



Irene Renon