what does travel mean to us


We decided to create Piccolo atlante dei viaggi possibili e impossibili (Little Atlas of Possible and Impossible Travels) to explore the different meanings of travel and, by doing that, bringing you, our reader, with us to real and imaginary places you might not know about.

For us (and we hope for you too) to travel doesn’t mean to move in the space to reach destinations where you can spend your leisure time doing what tourists usually do, that is looking for where to eat, visiting museums and sightseeing, snapping photos for Instagram. For us, the travel is a journey of the soul. To physically move from a place to another might be of no consequence, we like to travel also at home, by reading a book, watching a movie or a tv series or by dreaming about destinations we might never visit.

You can taste and imagine Tuscany by drinking a glass of Brunello di Montalcino wine, you can travel throughout Australia by reading The Songlines by Chatwin, you can go to Ireland, Malta and Spain by watching Game of Thrones.
We think that to travel is really about having an open and curious mind toward the world, being ready to notice and treasure all the small things you stumble upon either walking in the woods near your house or by flying to the other side of the world.
As well as Bashō, a Japan traveller who lived in 1600, we think that one of the pleasures of travelling is “to find a genie among the weeds and shrubs, a lost treasure among the broken tiles“.
We also agree with Eric J. Leed and what he writes in his book “The mind of the traveler”, that is, travelling is not only a way to know yourself and the world, as only by travelling you can have fresh eyes about what you are and what you could be, but also a way to change the world itself, by walking on it.

Are you ready to travel with us?